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Slow North Candle Tuscan Sun
Slow North Candle Tuscan Sun

Slow North Candle Tuscan Sun


Experience the warm embrace of the Tuscan countryside. The  custom blend of orange, frankincense, and jasmine essential oils - designed to evoke the sun-kissed citrus fruits and rolling hills of Tuscany - is vibrant and evocative; with citrus notes and a rich, floral undertone.

Slow North creates the finest plant-based, soy-wax candles for any space. From  100% essential oil fragrances to  cotton wicks, their products redefine all-natural luxury. All candles are vegan and free from artificial dyes and ingredients. You will enjoy a lighter, naturally-enticing aroma when burning a candle scented only with pure essential oils.

From ingredients to vessels, Slow North candles are designed with sustainability in mind. They are proud to use only soy wax, a long-burning, biodegradable and renewable resource. These 8 oz candles are hand-poured into American-made, frosted glass tumblers.

Burn Time: Approximately 30 hours
Volume: 8 oz
All-Botanical Ingredients: Orange Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, and Jasmine Essential Oil and Soy Wax